Tuesday, September 11, 2012

States of Matter Year 5 Notes

Bismillah.. =)

There are 3 basic states of matter : solid, liquid and gas..


  • A solid is anything that holds a particular size and shape. 
  • An apple, a block of wood, and a penny are all solids.
  • The only way they can change their shape is by force.
  • The particles in a solid are tightly packed and don't make a lot of movements.
  • There is not much free space in between the particles, so there is very little room for the particles to move.
  • Solid have mass.


  • A liquid is anything that has size or volume, but does not have a shape.
  • Liquids must be contained in a cup, bottle or receptacle in order to have a shape.
  • Milk, water and juice are liquids.
  • Liquids particles are not so close together as particles of solid.
  • They move around and past each other much more freely.
  • They have no regular shape or arrangement and move freely.
  • Liquid have mass.


  • Gases are hard to identify because they have no colour or shape.
  • It has no shape or size.
  • Take a deep breath and feel your lungs get bigger, your lungs are filling up with air, and air is a combination of many gases.
  • The particles in a gas move freely at high speeds.
  • There is a lot of free space in between the particles, and they take shape of any container.
  • Gases have mass.


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